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This page is devoted to my  physics class.  From this page you may access the syllabus, look at announcements, and use tools that are posted when needed.  When appropriate, you may find other documents linked here. 

IMMEX Information:

Website Address:  http://www.immex.ucla.edu/iWeb/Agencies/2104530/default.aspx
Individual Login ID: Physics6Nortonxx (xx is your personal number given to you by Mr. Norton)
Password: physics (same for everyone)

Unit 9 Resources

Unit 8 Resources

Unit 7 Resources

Unit 6 Resources

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Unit 4 Resources

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Unit 2 Resources

Unit 1 Resources

Tips for Studying
Mission Statement
Letter to Students
Letter to Parents
Classroom Procedures
Lab Safety
State and National Standards
Hall Pass
Tardy Slip
Late Homework Slip

Web Homework Signature Sheet

Online Textbooks:
Engineering Concepts Resources
Newton's Cradle